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Flir Systems Pvs-7 2hd Night Vision Goggle Gen2+ Hd Intensifier Tube 51-72 Lp/mm

   Armasight by FLIR Systems PVS-7 2HD Night Vision Goggle. Product # NAMPVS700123DH1 The FLIR Systems PVS-7 2HD Night Vision Goggle is combat proven because of its rugged, ergonomic design. This device features a 2nd-generation HD night vision tube that delivers vision resolution of 64-72 lp/mm. The googles can be dismounted and can be used as a long range viewer. The PVS-7-2HD includes a field of view of 40 degrees, and magnification of 1x. It is lightweight and and made from high quality material which makes it resilient, weatherproof, reliable, and trustworthy. This night vision ...