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Visionking 3.5x Night Vision Goggles Ir Infrared Binoculars With Helmet Mount

   Visionking HD Digital zoom 3.5x Night Vision Goggle NVG-G1 Hunting Tactical new. 1x Night vision binoculars device. Connecting hole for Head Strap 10. Record MOV file in TF Card storage. Playback media file from TF Card storage. Excternal power supply - Dc. USB cable/TF card/ Bag/Manua/Head Strap. Open battery cover and install the 2pcs CR123A batteries, being sure to follow the polarity markings inside the battery. Please pay attention to the direction of the battery. Inserting / Removing the TF card. Insert the TF card into the TF card port and push until it locks in place. To ...